I love to talk about fiction where my favorites are epic-fantasy, foundational spec-fic literature, and fairy tales.  In film I enjoy smart sci-fi, fantasy and everything in-between. I also plan on covering the publishing industry.


Sam Gafford has been a comic book fan since he was six years old and his brother let him read his copy of AMAZING FANTASY #15.  That was in 1968 and it began a lifelong love for comics.  Since then, he’s seen it all!  Silver Age, Bronze Age, New Universes, Crisis of all shapes and sizes and lots more.  Along the way, he’s had a love for pop culture.  He’s watched far too much tv than any one man should and seen more horror and sf movies than he can remember.  Since discovering H.P. Lovecraft when he was 16, Sam’s been involved in the study of Weird Literature and has written extensively on HPL and many other authors.  He’s recently started a blog on pioneering horror/sf author William Hope Hodgson at  Sam has also been active in the small press comic world and is currently writing STRANGE DETECTIVE MYSTERIES for Dusk Comics!  Sam’s opinionated and can be exceedingly annoying but what can you expect from someone who counts Harlan Ellison as one of his personal heroes?


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