The 365 Day Graphic Novel Challenge


Writer: Brian K. Vaughn

Artist: Adrian Alphona

Marvel, 2009

runaways-teen-aAfter a promising beginning in the first volume, Vaughn drops the ball here.

The teenage spawn of super-villains are still on the run from their folks in this second volume.  They’ve found a ‘base’ to hide out in and spend most of their time trying to figure out what to do.  Enter a mysterious youth who appears to also be a child of evil who (not surprisingly) turns out to be something else.

Oh, and then Cloak & Dagger show up because one of the cops on the parent’s payroll has the bright idea to send them after the runaways.

I lost interest in the storyline with the new kid because it diverted from the main story.  Plus I got tired of hearing the kids bicker.  The plot picks up again with the arrival of Cloak & Dagger…

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My name is Sam Gafford and I've been doing critical work on William Hope Hodgson for many years. I wrote the article "Writing Backwards: The Novels of William Hope Hodgson" in which I presented evidence that WHH wrote his novels in the reverse order in which they were published. I've recently written an article on Hodgson's confrontation with Houdini and am currently working on a book length study of WHH.

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