The 365 Day Graphic Novel Challenge


Writer: Matt Wagner

Artist: Guy Davis

DC, 2003

1656_400x600It would be hard for me to NOT like this book.

It contains so many things I enjoy from Golden Age superheroes to pulp action to crime noir to great art.  Something of a perfect storm for me.

I’ve been a fan of Wagner’s since his MAGE days and he manages to bring back to life a character that (at the time) most writers wouldn’t have wanted to even touch.  I mean, a non-superpowered hero who wore a green suit with a gas mask and knocked out the bad guys with sleeping gas?  It took Wagner to show the potential of the character which begins in this first volume of the 1993-98 series.

Young women are being kidnapped off of the streets of 1930s New York but when a friend of Dian Belmont, daughter of the DA…

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About Sam Gafford
My name is Sam Gafford and I've been doing critical work on William Hope Hodgson for many years. I wrote the article "Writing Backwards: The Novels of William Hope Hodgson" in which I presented evidence that WHH wrote his novels in the reverse order in which they were published. I've recently written an article on Hodgson's confrontation with Houdini and am currently working on a book length study of WHH.

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