The 365 Day Graphic Novel Challenge


Writer and Creator: Malachai Nicolle

Artist: Ethan Nicolle

Dark Horse Comics, 2006

Axe-CopThis is genius.

I admit that I come to some things late.  Given the diversity of the comic world today, it’s not possible to be up on everything going on.  Especially since I cut back on buying comics a few years ago when I got laid off.  Which explains why I didn’t know about AXE COP which is apparently a pretty big thing.

Anyway, AXE COP is the creation of (then) 5 year old Malachai Nicolle who writes the stories and then they are drawn by his 29 year old brother, Ethan.  (That’s quite a bit of a time disparity between brothers but there it is.)  Malachai and Ethan talk over the stories and then Ethan puts it all together in comic form.  Apparently this was also a big hit on the internet and has…

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My name is Sam Gafford and I've been doing critical work on William Hope Hodgson for many years. I wrote the article "Writing Backwards: The Novels of William Hope Hodgson" in which I presented evidence that WHH wrote his novels in the reverse order in which they were published. I've recently written an article on Hodgson's confrontation with Houdini and am currently working on a book length study of WHH.

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