DC goes Batshit crazy! Batwoman, Harley Quinn & Card.

Oh, if DC could contain its morally bankrupt practices to screwing over its creative heart for every penny they can. But no, DC seems to be run by a cabal of super villains hell bent on self immolation.

Here are just three ways that DC has, in the past few months alone, tried to build their fan base.

  • Hired hate-monger and vicious homophobe Orson Scott Card to pen the greatest superhero every created.
  • Refused to allow Batwoman to marry her lesbian partner.
  • Solicited art for new Harley Quinn artists that must show her attempting to commit suicide, naked.

Beyond horrible creative decision making, these decisions are so myopic it is actually amazing that a company so large could allow them to happen. The optics alone on each of these are horrible. They should have known that people would be outraged that hate monger Orson Scott Card would be penning beloved Superman. And then a few months later to deny a gay marriage seems almost purposefully spiteful.

And if alienating the entire LGBT community and its allies wasn’t enough, the big brains at DC decided to throw a bit of misogyny on top. Who could possibly be so blind as to think it was a good idea to take the beloved super-villainess , Harley Quinn, and base the artist decision on who can have her commit suicide in the most erotic manner possible. As Alyssa summarizes:

As the rules for the contest explain, entrants have to draw Quinn in four situations: trying to be electrocuted by lightening, “sitting in an alligator pond, on a little island with a suit of raw chicken on,” attempting to be eaten, trying to get a whale to swallow her, and “naked in a bathtub with toasters, blow dryers, blenders, appliances all dangling above the bathtub and she has a cord that will release them all. We are watching the moment before the inevitable death.”

Because DC does not care about women. It doesn’t care about the sexualization of women and violence. It does not care about diversity. It does not care about inclusion. It does not care about complex storyline. It does not care about creativity. It doesn’t care about retaining great writers. It doesn’t care about artists who don’t want to sexualize female characters.

What DC seems to want is raging homophobes who enjoy viewing female characters through a lens of sexual violence.

One thing is clear. As a reader who wants to see dynamic new stories that explore the great mosaic of humanity, DC doesn’t seem to care about me.


3 Responses to DC goes Batshit crazy! Batwoman, Harley Quinn & Card.

  1. I had no idea DC had done something so repulsive as the Harley-Quinn stunt. You hit the nail right on the head when you wrote that it’s inexcusable for a company so big to make one inexcusable mistake after another.

  2. Sam Gafford says:

    I was going to write about those items but then thought that people might feel that all I do is complain about DC comics so I’m glad that you covered these. Although DC has attempted to spin excuses for the last two, the excuses are nearly as bad as the original gaffes. Dan Didio (upon whose door I lay all these horrendous decisions) recently said at Baltimore ComicCon that the decision to not show Batwoman’s marriage was not because they were anti-homosexual or anti-gay marriage but anti-marriage all together! The mind boggles. Didio, and the PTB at DC, apparently feel that NONE of their superheros should be married or even happy! They are expected to sacrifice their personal lives ‘for the greater good’. This argument is too absurd to even debate because what Didio and DC are REALLY saying is that they do not want any character growth in their superheroes. They want to tell the same stories over and over again with no change or variation. If this is their fall-back position, it is tantamount to saying, “Be glad we’re not letting them get married because then we’d have to kill her partner.”

    As for the Harley Quinn debacle, Jimmy Palmiotti (co-writer of the infamous page) attempted to explain that is was all a joke and in keeping with their approach to the character and that everyone was taking it out of context. Besides the fact that DC never explained it that way when the page script was originally presented, what is really happening here is that someone told a tasteless joke, got called out on it and is trying to explain it away with “you just don’t get the joke”.

    DC treats their fans like mindless trolls who should just “shut up and buy whatever crap we throw at you”. It’s times like this I really miss Jeanette Kahn and Paul Levitz.

  3. Ronnie says:

    It really is a shame, and the excuses hold no water with me. They have no desire to build character, expand story or explore new ideas. They want to stay in 1950, selling their little funny books to the boys through cheesecake and punches.

    It’s no wonder that their “BIG” idea on the movie front was to mine their deep stable of characters, and make a movie with Batman and Superman. Because we have not seen stories about those characters yet. Up, Up and Away … to a comic world of boring conformity.

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