Doctor Who: Beginnings and Rewatch

My genre credentials are lacking; an enormous gap appears in the midst of my Curriculum Vitæ; there is a chasm of cool between me and my sci-fi loving cohorts!

I admit it, I am not a Doctor Who devotee. (Gasp!)

How embarrassing for me. I suppose it all goes back to the classic Doctor Who, full of long scarves and big curly hair better left in the seventies. I simply never got into the show as a wee young’un. So when BBC One revived the series in 2005, with Christopher Eccleston in the titular role, I was a luke warm supporter.  I watched the first few seasons sporadically, out of proper order, and likely falling asleep half way through a number of them.

Thus, I have decided to rewatch (or originally-watch) the current iteration of Doctor Who starting from “Rose,” the first episode with Chris Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor.  To add a bit of flavor to my viewing, I am going to create a series of posts about my rewatch (or first watch). I want to state that I am not an expert, so forgive me (or better yet, educate me) when I make mistakes about the internal history of the Doctor Who universe. There have been a total of 784 episodes aired since its debut in 1963, so I would need my own personal TARDIS to watch the show from its very genesis.


2 Responses to Doctor Who: Beginnings and Rewatch

  1. Sam Gafford says:

    One of the benefits of the ‘reboot’ is that you don’t necessarily need to know all of the Dr. Who history in order to enjoy the new shows. As long as you have a basic understanding of the Doctor, you can enjoy the show. Then, as more of the traditional aspects are re-introduced, you’ll be able to pick them up easily. Often many Dr. Who fans (myself included) get caught up in the tiny details and, while they do add weight to much of the plots, they are not absolutely necessary. However, the return of Sarah Jane Smith in Season Two of the reboot will not have the same emotional impact for you as it did for me because she was the first companion I knew when I started watching the show in 1980. And, it took me awhile but I did end up enjoying David Tennant’s performance far more than I thought I would. Looking forward to your commentaries!

  2. dreygeaux says:

    I began watching Dr. Who, as far as I can tell, the day it first started airing on Channel 2. Speaking as that fan, Russel T. Davies did a wonderful job resurrecting The Doctor. You really don’t have to know what went before. It is a reboot in the truest sense of the word, taking the basics from the original series but redefining the Doctor and his world for a new generation. I hope you enjoy it.

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