Missing Steps

It’s been a few weeks now since I was invited to participate in this group, and I have yet to make a contribution. Oh, I fiddled with stuff here, tinkered with thoughts there, but I have yet to organize anything into a coherent form. Something has always been missing, and until today I just couldn’t figure out what. But this morning at work, I finally realized what it was.

We haven’t been properly introduced.

I mean, here I am ready to offer thoughts on all stuff genre related as though I am some sort of authority, and odds are only those originally affiliated with this group know me from a hole in the wall. Sure, I have a credit card that pays rewards in Frequent Hellride Miles, but until I just mentioned it, none of you knew that. When I think I’m going to be late to something, I rub a small TARDIS charm that hangs from my rear view mirror, (the scary part is, it actually seems to work.I don’t get where I’m going any sooner, but whatever is supposed to be happening always seems to get delayed until I arrive.) but that hardly makes me an authority on time travel.

That, and , honestly, I’m a little intimidated. I mean, I know these  people I’m posting alongside. One of them is currently working on his Master’s Thesis in Literature, meaning he spends hours micro-reading books I couldn’t wade through wielding Stormbringer while riding  Morgenstern. Another is actually an accomplished blogger and active writer who may very well have read more books than I have. (That is actually pretty impressive.) Yet another is capable of producing, from memory, absolutely terrifying amounts of raw data on subjects too numerous to mention. Me? I divide my time between McAnally’s Pub in Chicago and the Joy House in TunFaire. (I prefer McAnally’s. They serve meat there. Also there is electricity. . .usually.)  True, I’ve forgotten more about Spider-Man than most people  will ever know, but where does that put me when it comes to qualifications?

I am not by nature a critic. I don’t tend to pick things apart to view their component parts. My technical analysis of most films I enjoy is a step above, “Snort. Me like.” I am not overly sensitive to trends.  I am expert at nothing. And yet, these people felt I had something to offer. And after some thought, I realized why.

What I do very well is play with ideas. I come up with stuff all the time, but never develop most  it because I am, at heart, an interactive thinker. Bouncing ideas off other people forces me to focus them, and watching what they do with them leads me to places I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. So consider this blog an exercise in interactive thinking.  I get to babble about stuff I like, and things I think about. You get to sit there and let ideas bounce off you. It’s a good deal for both of us. You don’t even have to reply, though it would be nice if you did. The virtual you I keep in my brain will provide enough feedback to keep the process moving.

And now that the introductions are made, we can get started. I can hardly wiat.


3 Responses to Missing Steps

  1. Ronny says:

    How can I get “Frequent Hellride Miles?” That sounds awesome. Although I am assuming they are for a roundtrip ticket.

  2. dreygeaux says:

    You have to be REALLY selective when picking your bank. 🙂

  3. Welcome, I am looking forward to see what kind of ideas ending up bouncing around.

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